JBL On Stage Micro iPod Speaker Dock

JBL On Stage Micro iPod Speaker Dock

Posted on 06. Jan, 2009 by in Battery Powered Speakers, Speakers

The JBL On Stage Micro is one of the more popular speaker systems compatible with the iPod Touch.

There are several unique features which draw people to the On Stage Micro. First off, it is a true iPod dock that also functions as a speaker system. Your iPod plugs into the top of the dock, and can be charged through this connection. Additionally, there is a USB pass-through, allowing the iPod to be connected to your computer while still attached to the speakers.

Secondly, JBL’s On Stage Micro is an excellent travel companion, able to be powered by 4 AAA batteries. These four batteries can power the dock for up to 24 hours! When they are running low, the dock flashes its amber warning light before shutting off.

The On Stage Micro also includes a miniature IR remote, which can be used to control all the functions of both the JBL speaker system and of your Apple iPod.

One final bonus: the JBL On Stage Micro is available in black, silver, green, red, and blue!

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