LiveSpeakR iPod Touch Speaker

LiveSpeakR iPod Touch Speaker

Posted on 25. Aug, 2009 by in Battery Powered Speakers

This LiveSpeakR ultra-portable system is compatible with the iPod Touch and iPhone. It features a unique design, where the iPod carriage can change shape, supporting the iTouch in either portrait or landscape modes.

The LiveSpeakR is highly rated for the large amount of sound produced by a very compact set of speakers. It includes an internal, rechargeable battery – obviating the need for buying batteries, and helping offset the system’s price.

Your iPod Touch or iPhone connects to the LiveSpeakR by plugging in a regular headphone audio cable to your iPod’s audio jack, and connecting the charging cable to the bottom or your iPod.

The LiveSpeakR has a couple special features which will appeal to iPhone owners. It is shielded from cell-phone signals, meaning you do not have to put your phone in airplane mode in order to avoid interference. Second, the system also is helpful for use as a speaker phone, allowing you to amplify the iPhone’s sound and make hands-free calls.

If you’re looking for a unique, very portable iPod Touch or iPhone speaker, the LiveSpeakR may be the right choice – check it out at Amazon.

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  1. I really like the speakers and most great thing is the battery which can be recharged.. I am sure Iphone users will be happy to use it.