Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 Compact Speakers

Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 Compact Speakers

Posted on 24. Jul, 2009 by in Battery Powered Speakers, Speakers

Logitech’s Pure-Fi 2 “Anywhere” are ultraportable speakers for the iPod Touch.

The Pure-Fi, although small, is an iPod speaker system with excellent sound. There are 4 speakers arrayed across the front of the unit, encompassing 2 two inch tweeters and 2 three inch mid/low range speakers. Logitech advertises the speakers as utilizing “Stereo XL” technology – which is a digital method for making the soundstage seem larger. It can’t compete with speakers on opposite corners of the room, but does an excellent job of helping a tiny speaker system sound large.

As a system made especially for the iPod line, it’s not surprising the Logitech Anywhere 2 includes a built-in dock for your iPod Touch. This is a full fledged dock, allowing you to charge and control your iPod through the portable speaker system (you can even control your iPod with the Pure-Fi’s remote control). Of course, you can always hook up a different audio device through the 3.5 mm input jack.

Making the Pure-Fi 2 a really compelling product is the way it combined all its features with a focus on portability. The system is compact, and includes an attractive, protective travel case. For music on the go, Logitech included a built-in lithium ion battery, providing up to 10 hours of battery powered sound. Although the Pure-Fi runs a somewhat steep ~$115, you have to keep in mind the amount of money you might be saving on batteries.

For the best prices, we recommend purchasing Logitech’s Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 at Amazon or eBay.

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  1. i found that this stereo is really good and the battery does last a long time but if you have a iPod touch, you should look at something else! when choosing a song with your remote, it will skip, every other song!! for me i find this fairly irritating because then i am forced to reach over and change the song myself. causing the remote to have no point.