Best iPod Touch Speakers – April 2010

Best iPod Touch Speakers – April 2010

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Looking for a speaker system for your iPod Touch? As Apple’s hit music player continues to sell, accessory manufacturers are producing an ever-wider variety of iPod Touch and iPhone compatible speakers. Some of the best:

Cyber Acoustics Portable iPod Touch Speaker

$0-50 iPod Speaker

Cyber Acoustics Portable iPod Speaker

Cyber Acoustics is not a well known name, but it has produced one of the best selling, inexpensive iPod docks around. This ~$40 speaker system has been a best seller for many months. It features great sound for its small size, is able to function with batteries or an AC adapter, and a nice carrying case is included free of charge. Although you may not be familiar with the Cyber Acoustics brand – the over 230 reviews at Amazon are hard to overlook.

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$50-150 iPod Speaker

Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2

Logitech’s Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 is an update to the very popular Pure-Fi range. This compact system uses four speakers to create high quality sound from a small package. It includes a built in rechargeable battery – saving you money on batteries, and providing 10 hours of playback time. An AC adapter is included as well for listening at home and recharging the battery. Additional features include a convenient remote control, and the ability to recharge your iPod or iPhone so it does not run out of power. These speakers did not make our last best-of list – but a price drop bringing the system under $100 makes it a clear favorite in this price bracket.

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$150+ iPod Speaker

Bose Sounddock 10

Bose’s Sounddock 10 absolutely sets the standard for iPod and iPhone compatible speaker systems.  The system features Bose’s signature, expansive, bass filled sound in a stylish package. It includes all the best features, such as an auxiliary audio input, the ability to output video from your iPod to your TV, and a remote that can control all the critical functions of both the system itself and your iPod. To really put things over the top, Bose has also included Bluetooth on its Sounddock 10, allowing your stereo-bluetooth compatible phone to transmit sound without wires.

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iPod Compatible Clock Radio

Philips DC 315/37 iPod & iPhone Clock Radio

The Philips DC 315/37 is a very attractive, LED based clock radio for the iPod and iPhone. It’s a very functional alarm clock – featuring dual alarms and gradually increasing volume allowing you to gradually wake to the music of your choice. In addition, it’s a fantastic speaker system, featuring great sound, the ability to charge your iPod or iPhone, an FM tuner, and an auxiliary audio in. It’s a popular system at a great price.

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None of these speakers satisfy you? Suggest a favorite in the comments, or read more iPod Touch speaker reviews.

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