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Bose SoundDock For iPod

Bose SoundDock For iPod

Posted on 29. Sep, 2008 by .


Bose is well known as a purveyor of high end speakers and radios. The Bose SoundDock for iPod brings Bose sound to the iPod in a convenient way.

The SoundDock was created created to be attractive and provide great sound. It succeeds on both counts. The unit is available in black and white, and is essentially a large speaker grille which frames your docked iPod. Much like Bose’s other products, the speaker manages to produce great sound from a compact package. Music is lifelike and bass is impressive for a small system.

The Bose includes a sleek, credit card shaped remote, and is very easy to use. You slip the iPod into the dock, and press play. Your iPod’s display shows what is going on, and the Bose produces its beautiful sound.

Apple’s iPod Touch is the best portable music player around, and Bose’s SoundDock is the perfect match.

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