Satechi SP1-Curve iPod Touch Alarm Clock

Satechi SP1-Curve iPod Touch Alarm Clock

Posted on 07. Sep, 2009 by in Clock Radio, Speakers

The Satechi SP1-Curve is an attractively designed and priced clock radio for Apple’s iPod Touch. Although Satechi is not a well-known name, they produce a number of quality iPod speaker systems.

This unit features a pair of 2.75″ drivers, which are almost universally applauded for their ability to output higher quality sound than you would expect from a small system.

Satechi has designed the SP1-Curve to function as an alarm clock for the iPod Touch, featuring a blue LED backlight with dimmer, and the ability to wake to sound from an iPod or radio. There is also an included, compact remote control, which can control both the system and your iPod or iPhone.

The biggest downside to the SP-1 is a lack of comprehensive shielding from cell-phone signals. If your iPhone is not able to stay in 3G mode, then it will need to be placed into airplane mode (not allowing you to receive calls) to avoid interference.

For more information and pricing, check out the Satechi SP1 Curve at Amazon.

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