Satechi SP2-Box iPod Touch Alarm Clock

Satechi SP2-Box iPod Touch Alarm Clock

Posted on 20. Jul, 2009 by in Clock Radio, Speakers

The Satech SP2-Box is a nicely styled alarm clock radio with a built in dock for the iPod Touch. If you haven’t heard of Satechi, they’re also the company behind the very popular Satechi Round iPod Touch Speaker.

As an alarm clock made to work with the iPod, the SP2-Box fulfills a definite need (although there are other iPod alarm clocks). Your iPod plugs into the unit’s top and charges via the dock. An easy to set alarm clock can be programmed so you wake up to music from your iPod. It’s also possible to wake up to an alarm or the radio.

Some of the other features of the Satechi Box include an LCD backlit screen, 2″ speakers, and a remote control that is capable of controlling both the clock radio and your iPod Touch. The system features good sound for a small clock radio, and is also compatible with other audio devices via a 3.5mm input jack.

Although fully compatible with iPod Nanos, iPod Touches, and the iPod Classic, the Satechi runs into some hiccups when working with an iPhone or iPhone 3G. The SP2-Box will function and play music from your device, but the iPhone gives an error message. Additionally, if it drops into Edge mode, the Box will experience interference (it is not fully shielded from cell phone signals). This can be avoided by putting your iPhone into airplane mode.

The Satechi is competitively priced at ~$60.

We suggest you look at the SP2-Box’s page at Amazon for more information or to purchase.

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