Sony ICFCD3iP CD Clock Radio

Sony ICFCD3iP CD Clock Radio

Posted on 29. Jul, 2009 by in Clock Radio, Speakers

Sony’s ICFCD3iP CD clock radio is an iPod compatible clock radio with a striking design.

The clock itself is round, the shape of the CD’s which it opens up to accomodate. Everything, including the display is silver or black, and there is a slide-out dock for connecting your iPhone or iPod Touch.

The iPod dock in Sony’s clock radio is full-featured, capable of both charging and controlling an iPod or iPhone. This allows you use the unit’s included remote to both control the Sony’s volume and choose songs on your iPod. As with most similar units, there is a line in for connecting other audio devices.

When morning comes, the ICFCD3iPSIL has an included alarm, which can wake you to an iPod, iPhone, CD, buzzer, or the unit’s AM/FM radio. A dual alarm is included. The system is also able to utilize automatic time set and automatic daylight savings time to make sure you are always woken at the proper hour.

If you’re looking for a stylish addition to your bedroom, this Sony alarm clock is a great choice – check it out at Amazon. An please, rate it below!

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One Response to “Sony ICFCD3iP CD Clock Radio”

  1. Dana

    06. Dec, 2009

    Stylish but VERY difficult to use. The procedure to set an alarm is absurdly involved – and unpredictable,. It involves FAR too many steps, and then works only half the time at that. I gave up on using this for anything but a charging device within a week.

    The speaker is decent, but nothing to recommend.

    Another problem is that the clock itself (even set on the lowest level of illumination) can be seen from space. It’s so bright that it lights my 20 x 20 room; I have to cover the clock face with a towel each night so I can get some sleep.

    So unless you are an engineer with a fear of the dark, pass on this one.