Audioengine A2B Speaker System

Audioengine A2B Speaker System

Posted on 10. Aug, 2009 by in Speakers

Audioengine’s A2B speaker system is garnering stellar reviews from across the Internet. There’s a pretty strong consensus that this pair of small, powered speakers, are among the best to be had for iPods, iPhones, and computers.

Audioengine is not well known among non-audio enthusiasts, but they are making a name for themselves, primarily by producing powered speakers with excellent sound. Although these look like normal speakers you would hook up to the receiver, being powered means that the speakers include a self-contained power amplifier – plug in you iPod or computer and you are good to go. These speakers are include both a headphone (1/8 inch) jack input and RCA inputs, allowing them to work with nearly any audio device.

Although the Audioengine 2 speakers are small, and include only 15 watts per channel, they put out stellar sound. For a smaller room, they produce plenty of sound and strong, crisp bass. If you are looking for audiophile style sound in a $200 package designed for use with computers and MP3 players – you’ve found the answer.

Check them out at Amazon or eBay.

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