JBL Radial iPod Speaker

JBL Radial iPod Speaker

Posted on 21. Jan, 2009 by in Speakers

JBL, which produces a wide variety of speakers for Apple’s iPod, has come up with a stunning design in their radial iPod speaker. This is one of JBL’s most high-end iPod speakers, delivering high performance sound from a stylish package.

The JBL Radial speaker features a standard iPod dock adapter, allowing you to access and control the full library of your iPod Touch from the device. Utilizing the included USB 2.0 cable, the Radial can be connected to your computer to provide synching abilities for your iPod. As is common with these speakers, the Radial will also charge your iPod when it is plugged in.

Also included in the JBL Radial are several other useful features. It includes an RF remote control, allowing you to control the system and you iPod when you are out of view (even in another room or outside). There is an auxiliary audio input jack to allow the connection of other devices – you can even use the Radial as a high quality speaker for your computer!

JBL has outdone itself with its highly rated Radial loudspeaker. Many users consider this to be the best sounding compact iPod speaker system available.

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