Philips 9-Inch Portable DVD Player with iPod Dock

Philips 9-Inch Portable DVD Player with iPod Dock

Posted on 03. Jun, 2009 by in Video Docks

This Philips portable DVD player is different from the iPod Touch speakers we usually review here. It’s similar, however, in having and iPod Touch dock, and the ability to play back the contents of your iPod.

You can connect an iPod, SD card, or insert a DVD into this portable video player. You can also watch photos off your iPod or SD card – making this DVD player double as a digital photo frame.

The Philips iPod player also includes the ability to charge your iPod Touch when it is connected to the dock. Additionally, a remote control, AC adapter, car adapter, and AV cables are included in the package.

Despite all the cool features, there are a couple downsides to this player. Battery life is only rated at 2.5 hours, and if it comes up short you might not make it through your movie. Additionally, the screen is sensitive to viewing angle, making it harder for multiple people to watch at the same time.

Although there are some drawbacks, this Philips iPod video player represents a unique produc, and one which will provide significant value to the right customers – especially at its ~$100 pricepoint at Amazon.

Click here to buy the Philips DCP 951.

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